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What to expect at a meditation course

The courses are based on a special presentation of authentic Buddhist teachings that have been made relevant for modern westerners. You will learn practical meditations that you can immediately apply in your daily life. These courses are meant for everyone so it’s not at all necessary to be a Buddhist to attend. We sit in ordinary chairs and no special clothing is necessary.

Why meditation?

Meditation is a method for familiarizing our mind with good qualities and thereby overcoming a lot of problems that arise from negative states of mind. For example if we familiarize our mind with patience we would be able to solve a lot of our daily problems that are caused by anger.

Meditation isn’t necessarily a strange or tedious practice. It is very beneficial and easy to integrate into our busy lifestyles. For people who have realized the benefits of meditation, it becomes a vital part of daily life, just like eating or brushing teeth. Through meditation we can reduce stress and anxiety, increase positive states of mind and experience greater contentment and well-being.

Meditation is not confined to our meditation pillow. Our daily life provides us a lot of opportunities to familiarize ourself with positive states of mind, thereby we can transform our problems into something positive.

At the moment the courses are in Finnish, but few times a year we arrange a visiting teacher and these are in English. So please come back to see our current program!

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